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PACE:Portable Appliance for Correct ECG In Assam

Plasti Surge Industries Pvt Ltd, Delhi is one of few disposable healthcare products manufacturing companies that provide Portable Appliance for ECG (PACE) in Assam. This device is very easy to use and allows you to determine the ECG recording of your heart comfortably while being in your home, office, or anywhere. 

Affordable Appliance for ECG

The ECG procedure is traditionally carried out in a hospital or a well-equipped clinic. However, we have conveniently enabled common people for cardiac monitoring by making the Portable Appliance for ECG (PACE) available to them at affordable prices. We have become a well-known name among the Portable Appliance for ECG Manufacturers in Assam.

Determine ECG with Precision

Now there is no need to rush to the hospitals or clinics for ECG. Determine ECG with precision through Portable Appliance for ECG (PACE). As the reliable ECG appliance supplier in Assam, we always strive to deliver the best quality portable ECG appliance to you, so that you can easily monitor your heart and keep yourself healthy.

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