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Disposable Healthcare Products In Darbhanga

Plasti Surge Industries Pvt Ltd is one of the leading disposable medical products manufacturers in Darbhanga. We are known for offering the best quality, competitively priced, plastic-based medical disposable products. We are committed to providing the best quality and value through our products since these products are vital for different life-saving medical procedures.

Comprehensive Range of Disposable Healthcare Products

As one of the major disposable healthcare products suppliers in Darbhanga, we offer disposable medical products that are suitable for a wide variety of medical-based applications. We make available to you at the most reasonable price range that you will nowhere else. Our range of disposable healthcare products includes the following products.

1. Apron

2. Face Mask

3. Medical Cap

4. Medical Gown

5. Disposable Gloves

6. Disposable Drapes

7. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Kits

8. Bedsheet

9. Shoe-cover

10. Plastic Hospitaloware

11. Orthopaedic Splints

12. Veterinary Gloves

13. Healthcare Kits

14. PAP Smear Kits

15. Haemo Rapid Test Kits

16. Custom-made Healthcare Kits

17. MSME Industrial Kits

18. Portable Appliance for Correct ECG (PACE)

19. Hospital Spill Management Kits

20. Oxo-biodegradable Hospital Waste Collection Bags

Finest Quality Disposable Medical Products in Darbhanga

If you ever needed to buy disposable medical products in Darbhanga, then you will find no better choice than Plasti Surge Industries Pvt Ltd. You will be getting the best quality and value for money through our products. Our disposable healthcare products have been consistently recognised for outstanding quality and exceeding customer expectations.

Bed Sheet

Plasti Surge Industries Pvt Ltd. is an acclaimed Delhi-based manufacturer and supplier of superbly comfortable and durable disposable bed sheets for hospitals. We offer the best quality disposable bed sheets in Darbhanga at amazing prices. We have a huge number of medical clinics and hospitals as our trusted customers.

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Shoe Cover

If you are looking to buy Disposable Shoe Covers for your medical facility or hospital, then you just have arrived at the right place. Plasti Surge Industries Pvt Ltd, Delhi is a renowned name among the disposable shoe cover manufacturers in Darbhanga. We provide waterproof, anti-slip and durable shoe covers at amazing prices.

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Disposable Gloves

We offer disposable gloves that are highly appreciated for their durability and effective protection against any risk of infection. Such features and quality make them a truly cost-efficient alternative over disposable gloves from other manufacturers. These are the most preferred choices for the people who need to buy surgical gloves in Darbhanga.

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Plasti Surge Industries Pvt Ltd, Delhi provides an extensive range of disposable medical consumables to the healthcare industry and apron is one of the most popular products among them. With consistency in attaining best-quality standards for our products, we have become one of the most-appreciated medical apron manufacturers in Darbhanga.

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Face Mask

Buy quality protective face masks in Darbhanga from the reliable team at Plasti Surge Industries Pvt Ltd, Delhi. These face masks are perfect for protection from infections. Whether you need protection from bacteria or allergens or viruses like Coronavirus, these face masks are truly effective in accomplishing such purposes.

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Medical Cap

Plasti Surge Industries Pvt Ltd provides you with such durable and effective medical caps in Darbhanga that proves to be the best value-for-money. During medical procedures, especially during surgical operations, medical professionals need to keep their hair tidy and covered and these medical caps are the perfect solutions for such requirements.

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Medical Gown

Plasti Surge Industries Pvt Ltd is a leader in the supply of quality medical disposable products and hospital garments like the apron and surgical gown in Darbhanga. Our medical gowns are well designed to meet the challenging needs of the healthcare sector conveniently. They prove to be the best value of money through their performance and durability.

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Disposable Drapes

As the surgeon cuts through the skin and the drape itself since the drapes adhere to the skin, that surgical drape poses as a mechanical and microbial barrier that prevents the migration of microorganisms from the skin to the operative site. Get surgical drapes in Darbhanga from Plasti Surge Industries Pvt Ltd and attain such barriers effectively.

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Plastic Hospitalware

Plasti Surge Industries Pvt Ltd offers an extensive range of high-quality plastic and well-sterilized hospital-ware products like clamps, trays, OT trays and so on at reasonable prices. We are one of the most preferred destinations for medical professionals and healthcare facilities to buy plastic hospital-ware products in Darbhanga.

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Orthopedic Splints

Plasti Surge Industries Pvt Ltd. manufactures and supplies highly effective yet comfortable orthopedic splints in Darbhanga. As a Delhi based well-established company, we are committed to delivering our customers what exactly they need at the best prices. Our expertise and insights in manufacturing medical disposable products enable us to deliver as per our commitment.

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Healthcare Kits

If you are looking for an industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of medical test kits in Darbhanga, then Plasti Surge Industries Pvt Ltd is the right answer. We provide medical and healthcare kits that meet the best quality standards. We are known for the expertise and efficiency that we deliver through our top-grade medical products.

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OXO Biodegradable Hospital Waste Collection Bag

Plasti Surge Industries Pvt Ltd. offers incredible alternatives to plastic bags as Oxo-biodegradable hospital waste collection bags for the hospitals and medical facilities. If you need hospital waste collection bags in Darbhanga, just get them from us. These bags decompose anywhere oxygen and microorganisms exist, leaving no toxic or microplastic residues.

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Custom Made Healthcare Kits

Plasti Surge Industries Pvt Ltd. manufactures and supplies a vast range of medical disposable products along with custom-made healthcare kits in Darbhanga. We provide such healthcare kits to a huge number of healthcare institutions in Darbhanga. You will find nowhere such tremendous quality medical kits at amazing prices that we offer.

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Veterinary Gloves

Plasti Surge Industries Pvt Ltd is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of disposable veterinary gloves in Darbhanga. These long plastic medical gloves are excellent for various veterinary procedures like pet cleaning, animals insemination and rectal palpation. These gloves effectively protect your hand and fingers from contracting bacterial and other contaminants.

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Hospital Spill Management Kits

In a hospital, or any medical facility infectious substances such as bodily fluids, drugs, cleaning fluids, and other chemicals are very commonly found. Their proper disposal is crucial for the health of hospital staff and other patients. Ensure their safety with Plasti Surge Industries Pvt Ltd Delhi, the top destination to avail hospital spill management kits in Darbhanga.

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PACE:Portable Appliance for Correct ECG

Plasti Surge Industries Pvt Ltd, Delhi is one of few disposable healthcare products manufacturing companies that provide Portable Appliance for ECG (PACE) in Darbhanga. This device is very easy to use and allows you to determine the ECG recording of your heart comfortably while being in your home, office, or anywhere.

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PAP Smear Kit

A PAP smear testing kit is a testing tool that helps doctors to detect abnormal cells and cancer. Cervical cancer screening through these kits are vital as the early diagnosis of cervical cancer can reduce the chances of death through cervical cancer by 80%. If you need to buy a reliable and precise PAP smear kit in Darbhanga, get it from Plasti Surge Industries Pvt Ltd.

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Haemo Rapid Test Kit

Plasti Surge Industries Pvt. Ltd. offers the finest hemoglobin testing kits in Darbhanga. These kits provide precise test results that can be very helpful for a variety of applications where you need to determine the measure of hemoglobin. Such as distinguishing between anemia, a normal count, and polycythemia by testing haemoglobin levels in the blood.

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Plasti Surge Industries - Leading PPE kit Manufacturers in Darbhanga, We are the best Coronavirus Personal Protective Equipment suppliers and exporters in Darbhanga. Buy Now.

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MSME Industrial Kits

The Coronavirus pandemic has posed an unforeseen kind of challenge against us. That highly-infectious disease transmits very rapidly from an infected person to another person. As we can not stop our industries and still we have to safeguard ourselves from it. Make yourself prepared with Plasti Surge Industries Pvt Ltd, the top destination to buy Coronavirus MSME industrial kit in Darbhanga.

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