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Disposable Drapes Manufacturers in Amravati

Plasti Surge Industries Pvt. Ltd. is dealing in the manufacturing of Disposable Drapes. The Drapes are used to cover all of the patient's body except for the head and the surgical site or at least a wide area surrounding the operating field; the drapes are clipped to a pair of poles near the head of the bed to form an "ether screen", which separates the anesthetist/anaesthesiologist’s working area (unsterile) from the surgical site (sterile). Disposable Surgical Drapes isolate the surgical site from the rest of the body and other possible sources of contamination. PSI is reputed as one of the reliable Disposable Surgery Drapes Manufacturer in Amravati , and Exporters from India.

Minimize the Risk of Infection

We are also well-known as the best Disposable Surgical Drape Suppliers and Exporters in India for supplying the outstanding range of drapes that help in minimizing the risk of infection which can be caused in the surgical site. You can contact us to fulfill your bulk order demands at the lowest possible prices.

Outstanding Features:

  • Made from Medical Grade SMS fabric.
  • Good absorbency on one side and repellence on the other side.
  • No or less postoperative swelling of the wound.
  • Negligible postoperative fever.
  • Supple wound area.
  • Minimum postoperative pain.
  • Lesser incidence of postoperative infections.
  • Lesser morbidity and faster recovery of the patient.
S.No. Code No. Product Description



Eye Drape (SB) (Size : 60 x 60 cm)



Eye Drape (SB) (Size : 80 x 70 cm)



Eye Drape (SB) (Size : 100 x 100 cm)



Eye Drape (Poly) (Size : 60 x 60 cm)



Plain Drape Poly Green (Size : 200 x 120 cm)



Plain Towel Poly White (Size : 120 x 66 cm)



Minor Drape Plain (Size : 60 x 60 cm)



HIP-U-Drape (Size : 170 x 156 cm Head/Hip)



O Drape (Size : 160 x 300 cm)

(With Elasticaperture 12 cm)



Caesarian Drape (Size 150 x 120 cm)

(Adhesive 15x25 cm)



Baby Drape (Size : 120 x 120 cm)

(Incise Area 25x20 cm)

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We were impressed with the vastness of disposable products with Plasti Surge Industries Pvt Ltd. They are conveniently supplying almost all kinds of disposable products to us that we require. We are also impressed with the amount of attention we received from their staff. Overall, Plasti Surge Industries Pvt Ltd is a one-stop solution for all disposable medical products.

Somesh Jain
Somesh Jain

Plasti Surge Industries Pvt Ltd is a very humble team of professionals. They cater your needs swiftly and keep you updated if there is something critical. They are easy and happy people to work with and have always delivered on what they promised. I am happy with the experience I have got from them and I appreciate their working style. Hope they get more and more success.

Heena Mukherjee
Heena Mukherjee

Plasti Surge Industries Pvt Ltd has never disappointed me and has always met my expectations regarding medical disposable products. I recommend your products to all of my colleagues in the medical field. Your products are great. We wish you success in your business endeavours.

Arun Dalvi
Arun Dalvi

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