Everyone Should Know How To Choose The Best Surgical Gowns/Guide 2022

Everyone Should Know How To Choose The Best Surgical Gowns/Guide 2022

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Everyone Should Know How To Choose The Best Surgical Gowns/Guide 2022

You have many options when deciding which surgical gowns to buy for your team. Sizes, protection levels, materials, cuff styles, sleeve designs, and other options are available. It could be challenging to decide which gowns are suitable for particular processes and staff members, given the variety of options.

To provide employee and patient safety, prevent surgical site infections (SSIs), and maintain a sterile workplace, it is essential to have the best surgical gowns for specific procedures and situations.

You must first comprehend the nature of the treatment, the level of protection required, and the function of the person wearing the surgical gown to make the best decision possible. Below we have mentioned everything you should know about choosing the best surgical gowns.

How Much Safety Should Your Surgical Gown Provide?

Different isolation gowns and surgical gowns kinds provide varying degrees of protection. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Organization of the Advancement of Biomedical Instrumentation (AAMI) have established four categories of protection, which are recognized by the FDA (AAMI). These levels of protection—which range from one to four—indicate the kinds of surgeries a particular Gown is suitable for.

Level 1: Surgical gowns are perfect for routine treatment, standard isolation, and cover gowns for guests. They are created for low-risk surgeries.

Level 2: Best surgical gowns are created for blood collection, suturing, and wear in the intensive care unit or pathological lab and are designed for low-risk procedures.

Level 3: Used in locations with a moderate level of risk, Level 3 Surgical Gowns are ideal for taking arterial blood samples, placing IV lines, and for usage in emergency rooms and during trauma cases.

Level 4: Surgical Gowns are intended for prolonged, high-risk procedures involving a lot of fluid and instances where infectious diseases may be suspected to be present.

Which Kind of Surgery Will Be Carried Out?

The gowns needed for each surgery vary widely, much like surgical procedures. Before selecting the ideal gown, you must consider the type of treatment your team will be participating in. As a result of more intrusive procedures, the surgeon's danger of contacting pathogens or other microbes is increased by placing their hands into the patient's bodily cavity. The doctor will require a Level 4 protective Surgical Gown in certain circumstances. These types of surgical gowns serve as a protective barrier between the surgeon and any blood that the patient may have throughout the procedure.

On the other side, there is a lower danger of infection for the operating team during a straightforward excision biopsy, necessitating a less protective Surgical Gown. Knowing what kind of gown is required depends on the procedure type and the danger involved.

How Much Liquid Will You Be Exposed To?

The kind of surgery and risk level are directly related to this query. You require a surgical gown that provides significant fluid barrier protection if you expect an operation to include contact with significant bodily fluids and possible fluid spray.

Although the FDA advises against using terms like "impervious" or "impenetrable" because they are susceptible to misunderstanding and may be deceptive, various gowns offer differing degrees of protection against contact with fluids. For instance, synthetic surgical gowns and isolation gowns typically perform better at blocking fluids, giving them a better option for high fluid-level procedures.

Other Aspects to Take Into Account When Selecting Surgical Gowns

In addition to the questions presented so far, it is of the utmost significance to consider whether you require the most advanced surgical gown or a surgical isolation gown. Important protection zones on surgical isolation gowns contain all places except the bindings, cuffs, and hems. This is because there is a greater danger of contamination in these locations. The only parts of the body that require special protection from non-isolation surgical gowns are the front of the body, which extends from the shoulder to the knees, and the arms, which extend from the elbow to the wrist.

Other factors to consider include the gown's flammability, which is especially significant in operating rooms with high concentrations of oxygen, as well as lint formation, resilience to rips, comfort, and friendliness to the environment. For instance, if your surgeon is working on a treatment that would take a very long time, they will require proper protection, breathability, and comfort.


There are a wide variety of solutions that meet unique operational needs. Consider all the considerations above when deciding what surgical gowns to purchase for your organization. PSIDispo manufactures surgical gowns for all surgical purposes of all varieties, such as isolation gowns, disposable surgical drapes, and so much more.


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