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Disposable Drapes In Manipur

As the surgeon cuts through the skin and the drape itself since the drapes adhere to the skin, that surgical drape poses as a mechanical and microbial barrier that prevents the migration of microorganisms from the skin to the operative site. Get surgical drapes in Manipur from Plasti Surge Industries Pvt Ltd and attain such barriers effectively.

Highly Effective Disposable Surgical Drapes

As an experienced surgery drape manufacturer in Manipur, we understand that even a slight compromise in the integrity of the microbial barrier may result in contamination. Therefore, to reduce the risk of surgical site infection, we follow a strict quality-oriented manufacturing process to manufacture effective surgical drapes. 

Safe and Durable Surgical Drapes

We are a reputed Delhi based company and well-recognised name among the disposable surgical drape suppliers in Manipur. Our sterile surgical drapes are highly preferred by the medical professionals to prevent contact with unprepared surfaces and to maintain the sterility of the surfaces and objects in the patient’s surroundings.

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