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PACE:Portable Appliance for Correct ECG

PACE is a small point of care device that can take a 12-point electrocardiogram (ECG) from a patient, transfer it onto a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth or App, and from there results can be sent to the a physician for evaluation. The device can also detect irregularity.

Technology Developed and Licensed Atomic Research Centre. An electrocardiogram or ECG can be a useful way to find out the health of your heart!

Buy PSI’s PACE: Portable Appliance for Correct ECG with state of the art features.


  • Simultaneous acquisition of all the 12-leads.
  • Low Cost.
  • Portable and Compact.
  • Mobile as well as LAN connectivity.
  • Acquisition, Processing, storing and visualization of ECG in real time.
  • Lead fails detection.
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