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Field Water Test Kit In Tripura

If you need to test the quality of water and search for the reliable water quality test kits in Tripura, then Plasti Surge Industries Pvt Ltd can help you. We provide reliable and accurate water testing kits that help you determine the unique parameters related to water quality. 

Precise Water Quality Testing Kits

Water quality is crucial for almost every water-related requirement. Whether you have to use water in swimming pools, for drinking, or in boiler feed, you need to determine the water quality. As a renowned field water test kit manufacturer in Tripura, we offer highly efficient water testing kits that provide quick and precise results.

Finest-quality Water Testing Kits

We are a Delhi based company and we provide the finest quality water testing kits to make sure you get accurate results even in the rigorous field conditions. As the most trusted water quality test kit supplier in Tripura, we always look to provide the best value and quality through our products. Their efficiency and accuracy make them value for money products. 

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