When Should Angiography Drapes Be Used?

When Should Angiography Drapes Be Used?

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When Should Angiography Drapes Be Used?

Wet barrier materials enhance the danger of pathogen transmission during angiography surgical procedures. Therefore, the fabrics of the drapes and gowns used in an angiography surgical operation should be able to resist the entry of liquids, regardless of whether they are intended for multiple or single uses. Most reusable materials are tightly woven fabrics, knitted cotton, or other fibres, possibly integrated with polyester and/or chemically treated.

After several processing and treatment cycles, these items must still be resilient and provide protection. The non-woven materials used in disposable angiography drapes are generally made of synthetic and natural non-woven materials, sometimes integrated with chemical treatment.

What is Angiography?

An X-ray technique called angiography is used to examine blood arteries. You must inject a particular dye into your bloodstream so the blood vessels can be seen on the X-ray. Your blood vessels will be more visible, enabling your doctor to detect any irregularities.

Types of Angiography

Angiography drapes come in various styles and materials to accommodate medical tests of different body parts.

Common types include:

  • Coronary angiography drapes – to evaluate the heart and the blood vessels.
  • Scans may be used sometimes in place of X-rays for angiography drapes. These are referred to as MRI or CT angiography drapes.
  • Renal angiography drapes– to check the kidneys' blood flow
  • Cerebral angiography drapes– to examine the brain's blood vessels and areas surrounding the brain
  • Pulmonary angiography drapes – used to evaluate the blood vessels in the lungs

Fluorescein angiography drape is a kind of angiography drape often used to examine the eyes.

Angiography Drapes in PSIDispo

psidispo Angiography Drapes

PSIDispo's nonwoven and poly tissue angiography surgical drape are disposable and ideal for use in the operating room. It can absorb moisture and has a high degree of strength. This disposable angiography sterile drapes are resistant to stains and won't soak up liquids. They are devoid of latex and chemical agents. Therefore, even if the patients are latex sensitive, there is no fear about how the patients may react. For usage in clinics and hospitals, it is the finest pick.

As a medical drapes manufacturer, we provide various sterile curtains for angiography, including the angiography drape, the radical femoral angiography drape, the femoral angiography drape, and the brachial angiography drape. They are the primary drapes in the angiography pack.

The angiography surgery drapes that PSIDispo angiography drapes manufacturers have the following specifications:

  • Size: Regular size 240x370cm, 80x110cm, 220x320cm, and can also be customized
  • Material: Can be made of PE film, SMS, PP
  • Features: Tear resistance, low fleece, one-time use, abrasion resistance, and EO sterilization
  • Uses: It is used in the operating room for angiography of surgery. The product is no irritation, no toxicity and is inodorous to humans. There is no side effect on the body. It can improve the surgical procedure's ease, efficiency and safety while reducing the risks of accidental cross-infection.
  • Packing: Individually packed in a paper plastic sterile bag or customized packing

Final Verdict

After reading this post, you should better understand when an angiography drape is utilized. Angiography Drape at Best Price in India is not very easy to find, so PSIDispo should be your first choice if you want to buy surgical drapes at a fair price.

Our surgical drapes for angiography may be used either femoral or radially. There are many angiography drape manufacturers in India. Yet, PSIDispo stands out the most as we provide disposable angiography surgical drapes with a wide range of available customization options, including fabric type, reinforcing area, and hole size.


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