How Do Veterinary Gloves Keep Your Hands Safe?

How Do Veterinary Gloves Keep Your Hands Safe?

  • By: Psidispo
  • Thu Nov 17, 2022
How Do Veterinary Gloves Keep Your Hands Safe?

When handling animals, professionals have to use hand-protective gloves. Animals can contract viruses and germs just as human beings can. These bacteria can also transmit infections to both humans and other animals.

Additionally, parasite eggs or microbes can reside in the animal's fur.

Therefore, you should wear hand protection gloves at a vet office, farm, pet shop, or pet salon. Veterinarian gloves protect you from infectious diseases, germs, viruses, and other microbes.

What Types of Veterinary Gloves Are There?

An examination glove is one of the most common forms of veterinary gloves. This is a standard disposable latex glove. However, latex is only sometimes times used to produce it. These gloves also include nitrile and vinyl for those allergic to latex. Vinyl is often more durable than nitrile. Unfortunately, it comes off quickly after being cut. Conversely, vinyl gloves are extremely readily perforated.

Surgical gloves are yet another kind of hand protection gloves. Again, a latex glove is often used for this, but unlike the examination glove, it must be sterile to lower the danger of infection for the animal undergoing surgery.

Gloves Used in the Clinical Setting

Veterinarians undertake various diagnostic and therapeutic procedures on animals, including health screenings, blood and fluid collection, injections, surgery, and dental checkups. As a result, they carry out the same procedures performed on humans. They must thus be treated in the same way.

As a consequence, veterinary hospitals utilize two different kinds of gloves:

Veterinary Examination Gloves

For simple procedures like extracting blood, these long sleeves vet gloves are utilized. They could be sterile or otherwise. They are, nevertheless, resistant to germs.

Although they can be manufactured of latex, nitrile has higher puncture resistance.

Veterinary Surgical Gloves

You can feel safe knowing that these gloves have been sterilized to the highest standards. They come in sets of two. They should also possess exceptional agility and flexibility.


Both examination and surgical gloves are suitable for vet clinics or hospitals. To protect both practitioners and animals, these two types are used. Thus, nitrile or latex is used to make them.

Long sleeves vet gloves are used on farms for various tasks that farmers and veterinarians carry out when tending to animals. These duties consist of the following:

  • Sperm collection
  • Breeding
  • Blood sampling and testing
  • Treatment and isolation of sick animals
  • Feeding the animals
  • Dealing with insecticides and chemicals
  • Delivery and Nursing
  • Cleaning the animals
  • Preparing animals’ food

Therefore, it is essential to wear veterinary gloves on farms. Regular gloves, however, might not be suitable for providing the required protection.

When handling animals, you might also be required to wear extra PPE.

Notable Features of PSIDispos’ Veterinary Gloves

  • Bite resistant
  • Machine Washable
  • Safe & Non-slip coverage
  • Reusable
  • Water-resistant
  • Double-knit material layer for adequate elbow-length protection

These gloves are perfect for veterinary professionals, zoologists, animal caregivers, kennel employees, laboratory workers, pet owners, pet groomers, and anyone who works with animals and wants to ensure their wellbeing.

When working with animals at your veterinary clinic, you should use gloves made by the leading veterinary gloves manufacturer in India, PSIDispo.

You should consider PSIDispo for a variety of reasons, including the following:

Full Synthetic Material

The veterinary gloves from PSIDispos are entirely constructed of synthetic materials, unlike other gloves that use animal products. This feature offers the most outstanding level of safety and adaptability to achieve the required restraint capacity. The degree of adaptability they offer is remarkable.

Highly Versatile

The typical perception of long sleeves vet gloves is that they are solely intended to protect users from animal bites and scratches. The veterinarian-designed gloves, however, also have other features including improved motility and mobility.

When cleaning ears, administering vaccines, grooming animals, and clipping nails, animal handlers can freely move all 10 fingers thanks to the structure of these long sleeves vet gloves, which is made of high-knitted material protection.

Water Resistant, Easy to Sanitize and Machine Washable

The gloves are machine washable and water-resistant. In order to reduce the spread of illness, the fact that they can be washed in a washing machine is a huge plus.

It takes relatively little effort to sterilize these gloves, significantly lowering the risk of spreading infectious and zoonotic diseases.

Procedure-Palpation Protective Glove

psidispo glows

The procedural palpation protective glove resembles the regular veterinary PSIDispo glove. The three exposed fingers are the only thing that sets this design apart. The exposure allows you to administer vaccines, take blood, clean your ears, palpate, insert tubes, clip your toenails, and pretty much any other task you need to do, Psidispo veterinary gloves manufacturer

In a Nutshell

PSIDispo offers veterinary gloves in various lengths and sizes. When working with animals, the shoulder-length veterinary glove is most often utilized. While conventional gloves are often used to handle animals, PSIDispo veterinary gloves manufacturer has everything you want.

Wearing PSIDispo veterinary gloves is an essential yet crucial technique that is useful for injury prevention. Additionally, it can significantly contribute to decreasing communicable illnesses and environmental microorganisms.

In addition, clinical settings often require the use of regular veterinary gloves.

As you can see, veterinary gloves are pretty popular if you deal with animals. As a result, while shopping for these gloves, you must constantly keep the animals' needs in mind.

One must use a soft and smooth material to prevent agitating the animal. Make sure, nevertheless, that the practitioner would be protected and at comfort with your choice!


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