The Future of Disposable Medical Products

The Future of Disposable Medical Products

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  • Fri Jul 24, 2020
The Future of Disposable Medical Products

As health-consciousness is rising among common people worldwide, it is also enhancing the scope for disposable devices in the healthcare industry. The medical disposable products have several benefits associated with it that make them preferred choices to be utilised in medical procedures. These types of medical products are inherently designed and produced to be, part or completely, disposable.

The medical disposable products have cost benefits, need low maintenance, minimal sterilization needs and ease of convenience. These benefits are driving demand for disposable medical devices in the healthcare sector. Regarding healthcare waste, the danger of cross-infection from re-using devices or recycling waste is considered more important than the conservation of materials and energy. This is why many tools and devices used in hospitals are disposed of after a single use, and all the waste is incinerated. 

Trend of Using Disposable Medical Products is Rising 

As we are observing the current trends as the expert disposable medical products manufacturers in India, the amount of waste produced by the healthcare industry is likely to increase over the coming years, as more medical products become disposable. This trend can already be observed by looking at the increase in medical waste year-on-year basis. 

Though environment-friendly initiatives have been on the rise recently, every industry and business eventually end up choosing cost-effective choices to sustain and remain competitive in the market for over the long term. While deciding whether to reuse a product in most industries, the main factors that need to be considered are cost and maintenance requirements until further use. Also, if the device breaks in between multiple usages, then it consumes further time and effort for repairing, and if can not be repaired then replacement. 

Medical Disposable Products are Better and Safe 

Meanwhile, if we observe the healthcare industry closely, most of the products often need to be sterilised before being used again, especially if it has been used on another patient. It needs to be sterilized carefully to avoid any chances of cross-contamination. The cost of disinfection and sterilization is high for medical devices since that work needs trained professionals. This makes the cost to reuse very high compared to other industries. 

Even after rigorous cleaning and disinfecting, the risk of cross-contamination cannot be eliminated completely, and here again, disposable medical products seem a better choice. It is the factors like high maintenance cost and the additional risk of cross-contamination that has resulted in so many disposable healthcare products being preferred to be used. These products such as gloves, aprons, masks, syringes, and some surgical tools are specifically designed for single-use and subsequently, to be dumped responsibly. 

Many Benefits That are Pushing Ahead Disposable Products Usage

The incorporation of the latest technology and tools are reducing the manufacturing cost of disposable medical products. Bulk production is becoming easier without compromising quality standards. With the development of inexpensive manufacturing technology, more medical disposable products will be made easily available to the medical facilities. 

As the expert disposable medical products manufacturers in India, we believe that demand and supply of disposable medical products are going to grow at an encouraging rate during upcoming years. The Coronavirus pandemic situation has also grown the concern regarding the general health of common people and robustness of the healthcare system. 

The disposable medical products manufacturing industry need to understand and grab the situation. By following quality-oriented and technology-driven manufacturing, growth can be made sustainable. It is essential to preserve the common interest for everyone, medical professionals, patients and manufacturers and doing what is beneficial for all of us.


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