Chemical Spill Kit

Chemical Spill Kit in Amravati

In healthcare facilities like hospitals and clinics, hazardous bodily fluids, chemicals get spilt frequently. Some chemical fluids like mercury have toxic traits and are extremely susceptible to infection. Get them cleaned quickly and effectively with the kits from Plasti Surge Industries Pvt Ltd, a trusted name among the chemical spill kits suppliers in India.

Comprehensive Cleaning of Chemical Spills

Our expertise as a chemical spill kit manufacturers in Amravati has empowered us in creating comprehensive kits for complete cleaning of chemical spills. These kits contain disposable bags, PPE kits, paper towels, and other components along with formalin neutralizers to effectively clean the spill area. 


We have gained incredible experience and expertise in the disposable medical products manufacturing industry. With such immense experience, we are conveniently manufacturing and supplying premium quality chemical spill kits in India. We are ably offering best quality kits at unbeatable prices, hence, making them a cost-effective choice to avail.

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One of the best Surgical Disposables company. I am dealing with them for the past 5 years,
their products are world-class. Their approach to trade is professional. All the best wishes to

Mr. Vinaya Acharya, AK traders, Kerala
Mr. Vinaya Acharya, AK traders, Kerala

One of the best companies to partner with. Very responsive and best product quality.

Mr. Amritanshu Anand, Nelumbo Enterprises, Patna
Mr. Amritanshu Anand, Nelumbo Enterprises, Patna

Good experience and corporation for many years. Timely services are provided.

Mr. Hemendra Sanghavi, Chetan Surgicals, Bangalore
Mr. Hemendra Sanghavi, Chetan Surgicals, Bangalore

We have been associated with PSI since more than 20 years now. They have superior products, prompt service & courteous people. Using PSI’s products in turn makes our customer happy and helps us to do more business. Overall truly delighted with their customer service.

Mr. Gajendrian , Sakthi Pharma , Chennai
Mr. Gajendrian , Sakthi Pharma , Chennai
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